competitive binding

competitive binding

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  • Competitive inhibition — is a form of enzyme inhibition where binding of the inhibitor to the active site on the enzyme prevents binding of the substrate and vice versa. Contents 1 Mechanism 2 Equation 3 Derivation 4 …   Wikipedia

  • Competitive antagonist — A competitive antagonist is a receptor antagonist that binds to a receptor but does not activate the receptor. The antagonist will compete with available agonist for receptor binding sites on the same receptor. Sufficient antagonist will displace …   Wikipedia

  • competitive inhibition — Inhibitor that occupies the active site of an enzyme or the binding site of a receptor and prevents the normal substrate or ligand from binding. At sufficiently high concentration of the normal ligand inhibition is lost: the Km is altered by the… …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • competitive — com·pet·i·tive kəm pet ət iv adj depending for effectiveness on the relative concentration of two or more substances <competitive inhibition of an enzyme> <competitive protein binding> com·pet·i·tive·ly adv …   Medical dictionary

  • competitive inhibition — inhibition of enzyme activity in which the inhibitor (substrate analogue) reversibly combines with catalytic sites, thus competing with the substrate for binding on the enzyme. The inhibition is reversible since it can be overcome by increasing… …   Medical dictionary

  • competitive protein-binding assay — a radioimmunoassay in which labeled and unlabeled ligands compete for sites on a carrier that has the same avidity for both; the concentration of unlabeled ligand is inversely proportional to the amount of labeled ligand bound …   Medical dictionary

  • Non-competitive inhibition — is a type of enzyme inhibition where the inhibitor reduces the activity of the enzyme, by binding not to the active site on the enzyme, but to a different site.[1] More specifically, it is a special instance of mixed inhibition where the… …   Wikipedia

  • DNA-binding protein — Cro protein complex with DNA Interaction of DNA (shown in …   Wikipedia

  • ATP-binding cassette transporter — ATP binding cassette transporters (ABC transporter) are members of a superfamily that is one of the largest, and most ancient families with representatives in all extant phyla from prokaryotes to humans. Ref|Jones2004. These are transmembrane… …   Wikipedia

  • Mannan-binding lectin pathway — Natta projection of mannose in its α D mannopyranose form. Mannan is a polymer of mannose. The Mannan binding lectin pathway (also known simply as the Lectin Pathway) is similar in structure to the classical complement pathway,[1] …   Wikipedia

  • non-competitive inhibitor — Reversible inhibition of an enzyme by a compound that binds at a site other than the substrate binding site …   Dictionary of molecular biology

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